Fancy cruising around the world and visiting stunning destinations, whilst wowing audiences on state of the art ships?

Amazing 1100-seater ship theatres, full production shows, incredible costumes and scenery, live musicians and automated stages are the key ingredients that make up the impressive entertainment offering on board the Explorer class of Marella Cruises’ ships.  

Our Show Casts are on ‘performance-related duties only’ contracts and have amazing, professional opportunities to develop their craft, whilst travelling the world.

We are looking for Singers, Dancers & Singer/Dancers to join our talented Explorer Show Casts in 2019. 

Our three-month rehearsal periods take place throughout the year at a dedicated space in the UK, with modern, serviced accommodation provided. During this time, you will receive industry-leading support and development, preparing you for yoiur time on board.

Contracts on board are of a nine-month duration, with flights, transfers, on board food & accommodation and a competitive weekly salary included.

If you want to perform in high-quality shows with a talented team, we want to hear from you at

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